Course Requirements

Introductory Course

(1.5 credit hours)

Startup UNC: Technology Assessment(MBA848A)

Elective Courses

(4.5 credit hours total)

Approved Courses:

Startup Consulting • (MBA846C)
Startup UNC: Feasibility • (MBA848B)
Startup UNC: Strategy • (MBA848C)
Startup UNC: Financing • (MBA848D)
Healthcare Entrepreneurship • (MBA 895)
Healthcare Consulting Projects • (MBA 896)
Healthcare: Pharmaceutical Economics • (MBA 893A)
Healthcare Marketing • (MBA 894)
Managing Innovation Processes & Performance in Organizations • (MBA 721)
Innovation and Product Development • (MBA 754)
Venture Capital Valuation & Deal Structure • (MBA 817)
Strategic Innovation • (MBA 828)
Technology Strategy and Business Innovation • (MBA 831)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship • (MBA 835)
Business Plan Creation • (MBA 846J, MBA 835 pre-req)
Designing & Protecting Your Technology Startup • (MBA846K)
The Challenge of Health Care: A System Overview • (MBA 893)
Science and Public Policy • (PLCY 575)
Intellectual Property • (LAW 265)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship • (PLCY 327)
Other Courses with prior permission of the Certificate Program

Experiential Learning

(3 credit hours)

Capstone in Entrepreneurship • BUSI704

Semester-long participation in a rigorous experiential learning activity with a defined scope of work and measurable deliverables. Requires permission of the Certificate program prior to initiation of the project. After approval of the project, student will be eligible to register for BUSI704 and begin the project.

Examples of qualifying activities include:

  • Office of Commercialization and Economic Development Internship (technology transfer, licensing, commercialization)
  • KickStart Internship with a UNC spinout company
  • Other Startup or Industry Internship (must be identified by the student)
  • Other instructor-approved, student-directed entrepreneurial activity or research program
    • Students are encouraged to contact the program director for assistance with designing an appropriate project scope

TC Graduate Certificate

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